60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy

I’m sure you can tell by now that my personal wardrobe is very influenced by mid-century styles, particularly the 50s and 60s. Even when I shop at modern stores I find ways to create looks that fit in with my aesthetic. Old Navy is the perfect place to shop for staples that can be used in all types of looks. Since spring is right around the corner, I picked up a few mix and match pieces to create a pastel take on nautical wear.

60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy
For this look I used the cutest Ruffle-Sleeve Linen-Blend Top and paired it with Mid-Rise Pop-Color Rockstar Jeans, colorful loafers, and a scarf. Each look costs under $100!

60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy

60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy
The button up, linen-blend top has a very early 60s silhouette with the cutest flutter on the sleeves.

60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy
It’s SO comfortable, you guys. Textured linen always feels very “yacht club” to me and the detail in the fabric reminds me of rope, which also feels very nautical. 10.jpegI paired the top with brightly colored denim in the shades Strawberry Dust and Tattle Teal. 60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old NavyThe colors and ankle length tapered cut mimic 60s style pants pretty well, but have all the comfort of modern stretch denim. 60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy I very rarely wear pants, if ever, but these are definitely something I’ll wear all the time, whether it’s around the house working on projects or out on the beach.

60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old Navy
Classic flats finish off the look, like these sky blue Faux-Leather Moccasin Loafers.2.jpegFinally, to top it all off I tied a light pink scarf in my hair. 60s Inspired Spring Nautical Outfits featuring Old NavyNow you see how picking the right pieces can give you vintage vibes, even if it’s from a modern store like Old Navy!

This look was created in partnership with Old Navy. As always all opinions and ideas are my own.

20 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Home Decor and Clothing Picks

You guys, Lilly Pulitzer for Target is hitting stores on Sunday, April 19th. This is the first time I’ve been really excited for a Target designer collab. A lot of people have been buzzing about this collection with mixed emotions.  Some are raging mad that strangers will think their Lillys are from Target, and this is somehow going to, like, ruin their lives. Others are excited because it’s all just more cute stuff for us to buy, and more importantly, because life really isn’t that serious.

Lilly PulitzerIf you don’t know who Lilly Pulitzer is, here’s a little background. Lilly was a fashion designer from Palm Beach who got her start making dresses that would camouflage the juice stains that she would get on her clothes while working at her juice stand. Costumers loved her creations so much that she started selling them, and by 1959 she was the president of her own company. Lilly Pulitzer’s signature style is colorful, preppy, resort wear. Because of a dress she made for Jackie Kennedy, the shift dress became one of her most popular and timeless designs. Aside from fashion designing, she apparently threw some pretty legendary parties.

The Target collection is set to have 250 pieces including housewares, accessories, and 15 designs created specifically for Target.

Here are my top 20 (yes, 20) picks from the collection.

Let’s start with home decor.

3. GLASS CARAFE – $15.00
This is going to make a perfect dog bed in my living room.
Lilly Pulitzer Top 205. PORCELAIN PINEAPPLE JUICER – $15.00
It says serving bowl, but get serious it’s a chip n’ dip and I want it.

These are two things that I totally don’t need or have a place for, but totally want.
Lilly Pulitzer Top 209. PATIO UMBRELLA – BOOM BOOM – $100.00
10. HAMMOCK – NOSIE POSEY – $150.00

The home decor is so good I almost forgot there’s clothes in the collection.

Lilly Pulitzer Top 20 Picks11. NOSIE POSEY TURBAN HEADWRAP W/ ELASTIC BACK – $8.00
Lilly Pulitzer Top 20 Picks15. SATIN DRESS – NOSIE POSEY – $38.00 (online only)
16. SATIN DRESS – BOOM BOOM – $38.00
17. SHIFT DRESS – FAN DANCE – $38.00
Lilly Pulitzer Top 20 Picks19. FRINGE KIMONO JACKET – WHITE – $30.00 (online only)
20. SATIN KIMONO – PINEAPPLE PUNCH – $34.00 (online only)

The collection hits the market on April 29th and you can bet your ass I’m going to try to score that pineapple chip n’ dip.

Necessary Holiday Survival Gear 2013

Holiday Survival Must-Haves

The holidays are crazy with shopping, parties, cooking, and all that good stuff. Every year I find myself with a handful of must-have items that help make life easier. Here are some of my current favorites. They make great stocking stuffers too!


1. Batiste Dry Shampoo: Who has time to wash and blow-out their hair everyday when there is shopping to do and parties to go to? Batiste keeps your hair looking and feeling fresh and voluminous  between washes. I’ve tried a few other dry shampoos that left me looking like I was covered in wig powder. I was not a fan! This is, by far, the best dry shampoo I’ve tried and the only one I can stand. I’ve used it on 3rd and 4th day hair with success. Shake it up, spray it on, brush it through – you’re out the door. It comes in a variety of yummy scents and even comes in colors to disguise those stray grays! Definitely a must have time saver.

Skinny Girl Cami

2. Skinny Girl Everyday Cami: I love these things. Sometimes we need a little extra mid-section support but don’t feel like squeezing into a full body shaper. Am I right ladies? It’s called a cami but it’s really more like a tank, so there’s extra back and chest support too. Most of the time I don’t even wear a bra with it. It’s my favorite thing to wear under my winter sweaters. You know how you’re wearing a cute sweater and then you eat too much holiday goodies and you feel like your clothes are clinging to you? This is your remedy. It keeps everything feeling tight and right.

NYX Butter Gloss

3. NYX Butter Gloss: Winter chapped lips are the worrrrst. This medium coverage gloss keeps lips hydrated without making them too glossy. It feels creamy rather than sticky so it’s comfortable to wear all day. Paired with a matching lipliner, it gives really nice volume. It’s subtle enough to wear without any other makeup. My favorite shades are Tiramisu and Cherry Cheesecake.

Herban Essentials Wipes

4. Herban Essentials Wipes: It’s cold and flu season so everyone is grabbing for the hand sanitizer when there’s not a sink around. I’m grabbing for Herban Essentials Wipes. These antibacterial wipes are made with essential oils and smell AMAZING. I’m always worried about drying my hands out or the residues left by other wipes and sanitizers, but these don’t leave that gross sticky soapy residue like other hand wipes do. They’re versatile too. You can use them to clean your phone, remove makeup, repel bugs, and much much more. I keep a pack in my car and carry a couple around with me. They come in 8 different varieties so there’s something for everyone.

Foot Alignment Socks

5. Foot Alignment Socks: Ughhhh achy feet. Work, shop, bake, party. I think we’re on our feet a lot more during the holidays, and usually in our most uncomfortable (stylish) shoes. Nothing feels better than kicking those shoes off and putting our feet up. Want to know what makes it even better? These foot alignment socks. They’re designed to re-align your feet after wearing confining shoes all day, helping to prevent and remedy crooked toes and bunions. They come in 8 great colors and are a perfect gift for anyone you know that complains about foot pain.


6. Water Bobble: I am so bad at drinking enough water and I’m not one of those people that can drink straight from the sink. Yuck. Bottled water get expensive and who wants to put all that plastic into the environment? After suffering the effects of dehydration far too many times, I found a solution that helps me stay hydrated anywhere, any time. It’s the Bobble! It has a built in carbon filter so you can refill at any sink and instantly get tasty, filtered water. The cap keeps the top clean and loop can be attached to a belt or used as an easy-carry handle. It’s also BPA free, and free of Phthalates and PVC.

Definitely check out these must-haves to help you through your holi-daze!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Ok, so I don’t know if I’m actually going to have the opportunity to dress up for Halloween this year, but I was piecing together some ideas  just in case. I’ll probably wait until last minute and in a panic end up as a gypsy like I have for the last 25 years. Let’s pretend that won’t happen. Here are my top picks so far:

I loveeee Eloise and this set would be cheap and easy for me to put together. I would just need a blonde wig. Maybe my husband will dress up as a Plaza bellhop!

Eloise Costume
You know who else I love? Gemma (Katy Sagal) from Sons of Anarchy. I am SERIOUSLY considering this one because my husband can go as a crew member and it’ll be rad. Ahhh I need to find a fake chest scar and titty tat.
What Would Gemma Do?
If I had a few thousand dollars to spend I’d go all chic glamorous witch in this Givenchy dress and shoes. I’d probably look fantastic but this is real life and that’s not going to happen.
Now I have to go try to find blue dog dresses because we want to dress our pups up as the twins from The Shining. Yay Halloweeeeeeen!

2013 Emmy Awards Roundup

Let’s start with the red carpet, shall we? Ok, sad life. I didn’t get to watch the Emmys red carpet! Heartbreak. I was able to catch most of the ceremony and post coverage though.


Drama: BREAKING BAD! I watch everything, but this was the most deserved award of the night.

Breaking Bad WIN 2013 Emmy Awards
They all looked great and beautiful and I love them

Lead Actor in a Drama: Jeff Daniels. WHAT?!?! Listen, I like Newsroom as much as the next, but he was the last one I expected to win in the category.

Lead Actress in a Drama: Claire Danes. Her ugly cry on Homeland needs an Emmy of it’s own. Brava.

Supporting Actress in a Drama: Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad. She deserved it. But, all of the women in the category deserved it.

Supporting Actor in a Drama: Not Aaron Paul. NOT AARON PAUL? Fuck everything.

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series: David Fincher for House of Cards. Thumbs up.

Comedy: Modern Family. I can get behind that.

Lead Actress in a Comedy: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I haven’t watched Veep yet, but everyone says it’s amazing so she probably deserved it.

Lead Actor in a Comedy: Jim Parsons. How Big Bang Theory wins anything is beyond me.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Merritt Wever. I don’t watch this show but her amazing acceptance speech made me want to.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Tony Hale. I didn’t expect that. Again, I haven’t seen Veep yet but compared to the other nominees, I didn’t expect him to win.

Miniseries or Movie: Behind the Candelabra. BOOM. So much win.

Like I said, I missed the red carpet. A lot of looks seemed typical and safe but these are some that stood out to me from what I did manage to see:

Claire Danes 2013 Emmy Awards
I love this look on Claire Danes. She looked so delicate and soft in this Armani Prive. Her glowing makeup and faux-bob were perfect ensembles and didn’t overwhelm.
Julianne Hough 2013 Emmy Awards
Julianne Hough was risky! I love that this is so risky. I think the fabric choice, gorgeous greige color, and classic styling helped keep this Jenny Packham gown from venturing into vulgar.
Kiernan Shipka 2013 Emmy Awards
Isn’t she a doll? Kiernan Shipka is only 13 and quickly becoming a fashion icon. I love how this Delpozo dress is age appropriate and reflects her personal style. She looked perfectly precious.
Christina Hendricks 2013 Emmy Awards
Christina, my love. I’ll admit I wanted to see a little something more from her but she looked amazing in this Christian Siriano black fit and flair. The dress hugs her famous shape perfectly and the lace shoulders are lovely.
Jane Lynch 2013 Emmy Awards
Again, personal style. No one rocks a pant suit like 6 foot tall Jane Lynch. She went safe but the styling is what pulled it all together.
Michelle Dockery 2013 Emmy Awards
Michelle Dockery stayed far away from the pastel trend with this bold multi-colored Prada gown. I love this style and silhouette on her slender frame.
Elizabeth Moss 2013 Emmy Awards
This black and white dress Andrew Gn dress looked stunning on Elizabeth Moss. Her red lip and platinum locks gave it a cool and classy edge.

I do appreciate the ones that took risks but I can’t say I loved them. Come onnnn…

Lena Dunham 2013 Emmy Awards
I like this Prada dress. I just don’t know what happened when she put it on. It didn’t synch her waist enough. The tie on the back bothers me. It just didn’t give her the shape she needed in anyway. There is so.much.fabric. The makeup and styling is just…no. This just wasn’t right on her.
Zosia Mamet 2013 Emmy Awards
Another one of the Girls. Zosia is a cool chick. She likes to push boundries with her fashion choices. She definitely dressed for her personality. I almost like this Honor dress, except for the weird black mask of Zorro and sheer bib dragging her boobs down. SO CLOSE. I appreciate the risk she took.

What’s going on with these??

Connie Britton Emmys 2013
Did Connie Britton wrap a curtain around herself and call it a day? This Naeem Khan gown is a no for me.
Melissa Leo Emmys 2013
Lol wut? She looks like a hipster circus ringmaster. WHY?
Everyone is talking about how inexpensive Sarah Silverman’s sexy LBD was. It’s true! She bought this dress online from a store I frequent, Pinup Girl Clothing, for $60! I think she looks great.

Thoughts on the overall ceremony: I love NPH. He’s an amazing host. The ceremony as a whole was weird, sad, and random but that’s better than boring, right? I watch almost every show nominated so I felt like I needed to be there to cheer all of my my TV friends on!