Dying Your Hair To Reinvent Yourself

When most people (especially women) think of dying your hair, it typically refers to dying your hair brown or black, to help conceal signs of aging. After all, no one wants to be that person who is exhibiting grey hairs in their forties (or even their thirties in some rare cases). However, dying hair can do more than just make you look younger from an objective standpoint. If done properly, dying your hair can totally re-invent yourself in a totally unique way.

The hair on your head is one of the very first things that people will notice when they see you, largely due to the fact that most people’s attentions are drawn towards the face and head area of their subjects, and your hair is the largest and most noticeable part of that area overall. If you are interacting with strangers, many of them will make snap judgements based on what kind of hair you have. And while most people only consider the type of hairstyle they want to sport, they don’t necessarily consider the color of their hair along with it!

Both the style of your hair as well as the color of it are equally important when it comes to making impressions on those around you. So when you feel like you’ve tried just about every hairstyle out there and are still looking for something new, make sure to consider how a new hair color can do precisely that! When considering a new hair color, it is important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to color all of your hair to make a noticeable difference. For example, highlights are a great way to subtly add pop to your hairstyle, especially when you select a highlight color that is just slightly different from the rest of your hair. Or if you want to be even bolder, you can add highlights of bright colors to really contrast with the rest of your hair. For example, if you have black hair, incorporating a single streak of hot pink can really make you stand out.

If you really want to go “all the way” so to speak, you can dye all of your hair using a bold color of your choosing. Note that I am not necessarily talking about going from a brunette to a blonde, which is fairly commonplace for younger women in general. Instead, I am talking about sporting all-blue hair or all-purple hair – in other words something that is clearly not a natural hair color. While making your hair that sort of color definitely requires confidence, there is no doubt that sporting that sort of hair color will re-invent yourself instantly.

Ultimately, the decision to dye your hair is up to you. Based on how much of a change you want to make, you can stick to something relatively simple and low-key like highlights or go all-out and dye your entire head of hair using a bright neon-color. No matter how you decide to go about it though, you will feel emotionally reinvigorated and ready to live out a new life with an entirely new persona tailored specifically for you!